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Shopify in 21 Days - Lesson 4: Checkout and Shipping

Checkout Options

  • Guest vs Users with Accounts. You can require users to sign in and create an account on your site before purchasing. You could also only allow people to purchase as guests. In the middle you could offer them the option of creating an account or purchasing as a guest. I would recommend not creating more requirements than absolutely necessary, so I would either give them the option or just have all purchases happen as guest.
  • Email vs Phone Number. You can let user checkout using either their phone number or email. Or you can restrict them to using email only. This option seems best as it allows you to easily sign them up for a newsletter upon checkout.
  • Providing shipping updates. I would definitely provide shipping updates if at all feasible. Customers have come to expect and rely on shipping updates to let them know when their package will arrive. If your drop-shipping this simply may not be possible though.
  • Checkout form options. These are basic options such as requiring a first and last name, business name, address, and phone number.
  • Autofill Options. You can set it up so that the billing info will be the default shipping address. This is recommended as it cuts down on users retyping information at check out.
  • Email Marketing. You also have the option of letting users sign up for your newsletter at check out. You can have the user opt-in or you can have it where the user must opt-out if they don't want the newsletter.
  • Abandoned cart recovery. If someone enter items in their cart but fails to buy for whatever reason this option allows you to send a reminder email. You can customize the look and feel of the message as well as how long to wait before it is sent.

Actionable Steps

  1. Go through checkout items carefully and choose what you think will be best for your business. Remember that all of these settings can be changed at a later time if necessary.

Shipping Options

  • Shipping Origin. This is the address from which you'll be shipping. by default it is the same address as your Shopify business address. It can edited though, if you plan on shipping from somewhere else.
  • Shipping Zones. This refers to the places you agree to ship to as well as the time frames. For example, you may offer to ship domestically but not offer express delivery.
  • Shipping Rate Methods. Shipping prices can be determined by price of the item, calculated by weight and shipping service, or you can define your own rates by zone.

Actionable Steps

  1. Go through the shipping options and see which options you think will work with your product. If you are unsure about what products you'll be selling or if you plan on selling digital products you can always skip this section and come back to it later.

Tomorrow's Lesson

Tax collection and notifications.

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