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How to Setup a Facebook Store with Shopify (video)

Setting Up Your FanPage

  • You don't need a business account to open a shop on Facebook any personal account will do. Navigate to your personal Facebook profile, in the bottom left corner you will see a section titled "Create". Under that click the "create page" option.

  • There are many different options for the type of FanPage you can create on Facebook. However, if you're selling physical goods from a store then you probably fit into the "Brand or Product" category.

  • Now from here, you can choose a type of product which can help people find you on Facebook or if you'd like you can enter your brand name. It should be noted that if you sell brand name products you wouldn't list those but instead list your store name. Otherwise, you could get in legal trouble or your page could be shut down.

  • It should be noted that there are many options on how to set up your page. You'll need a header picture, store icon, short bio or about us, a link to your website, and a few other minor details. For right now though we want to get the store section complete as shown in the next video.

Integrating Shopify with your Facebook FanPage

  1. The first step is to log in to your Shopify store account. From there you will navigate to the channels tab on the left sidebar. Click here and a dialogue screen should appear showing which channels are active. Scroll until you find the Facebook icon, from there you can configure your Facebook store.

  2. You will need to log in to your personal Facebook account and choose which Fan Page you want to associate with this store.

  3. Shopify gives you the ability to only show certain categories or products on your Facebook page. To enable products go to the tab on the sidebar. If you wish, you can enable all or specific products to display on Facebook.

  4. You may also do the same with categories or collections, as Shopify calls it, if there are any collections you wish to disable you can do that from the collections tab.

  5. Once you've chosen which products and collections you want to be visible to your Facebook fans, you can choose which order you would like them to appear. To accomplish this click on the new Facebook channel tab in the sidebar. You should see the collections you've enabled on the left of your screen. To change the default collection and menu order, simply click and drag the collections to reorder them.

  6. To finalize any changes hit the Publish button on the right upper hand corner.

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