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Announcing Shopify in 21 Days Free Course

Shopify in 21 Days Free Course

The Shopify in 21 Days training course is now officially complete! This video course takes you step by step through the process of opening your first Shopify Store. These lessons are quick and to the point with actionable steps you should be taking each day. By the time all the lessons are complete you should have a fully operational Shopify Store ready to sell items and take payments. Some lessons may take longer than others depending on your situation. However, with 14 lessons that should leave plenty of time to complete the course in 21 days.

Shopify in 21 Days - Course Overview

  1. Overview and Pricing. A general introduction to Shopify and the pricing structure for stores.
  2. Getting Started. Walks you through the process of starting a free trial and entering your personal details.
  3. Payment Methods. Explains some of the most popular payment methods and how to enable each one on your in your Shopify store.
  4. Checkout and Shipping Options. A step by step look at all the checkout and shipping options in the Shopify dashboard.
  5. Tax Collection and Customer Notifications. Shows you how to automatically collect taxes on purchases and setup customer notifications.
  6. Admin and Disclosure Pages. Shopify uses an admin panel to grant permissions to store owners, freelancers, or teams. This lessons walks you through the different permissions and how to invite a team member. It also shows you how to use Shopify's disclosure templates or create your own.
  7. Creating Product Pages. The process for creating digital products is quite different from physical products, this lesson teaches how to do both quickly and easily.
  8. Importing Products from Oberlo. Instead of creating products some store owners may wish to import them from a drop shipping app. The most widely used app for this is Oberlo, this lesson demonstrates how to import items from Oberlo to drop ship.
  9. Store Design and Customization. The most extensive lesson in the entire course, it guides you through the many design options available on most Shopify themes.
  10. Testing a Product. Before you begin sending traffic to product it is wise idea to test your purchasing funnel through the eyes of the customer. Fortunately, Shopify has a couple of ways to do this without actually buying your own product. 
  11. Creating Discount Codes. Discount codes can be very important way to promote your store or to increase conversion rates. Shopify gives you many different options to customize your discount codes.
  12. Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to track your traffic and create goals you want customers to complete. For example, making a purchase could be a goal. You could then analyze what pages and traffic sources are leading to this goal.
  13. Free Traffic. The lifeblood of any website is traffic but generating free traffic can be hard. Thankfully, it is still possible but you must use methods that are working right now.
  14. Paid Traffic Sources. Free traffic is great but when you need instant traffic nothing beats paid traffic. Two of the best sources are Google and Facebook.

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