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Top 7 Signs You're an Entrepreneur at Heart

  1. You like to challenge the status quo. Great entrepreneurs are not afraid of change and are always looking for ways to improve. They don't accept the thinking that traditional techniques must be the best. Instead, they enjoy tweaking and testing new strategies to find the optimum results.

  2. You like being rewarded for a job well done. In an old-fashioned career, workers essentially trade time for money, whether they excel or are simply average they will all clock out at the same time and collect a check on payday. That may be fine for people who want to skate by in life, leaving the heavy lifting to others. However, many people feel cheated by a system that doesn't do particularly well at judging work ethic and accomplishment. As a business owner, only the results matter and not someone else's opinion or your work.

  3. You want to really love what you do. The majority of entrepreneurs aren't in it to try to make millions, they want more than that. They want something much more elusive, a career that feels important. They want to feel like they are at your best each and every day, giving value and making a difference. That's not to say there aren't hard days, stress, and failures. Those will come but in the big picture, they are worth it.

  4. You feel that time is more valuable than money. They say time is money but the reality is that money can never replace lost time. Even those with a lucrative career are still trading time for money, they are just getting a better rate of exchange. That's time that they'll never get back. A true businessperson can set up systems so that they are profiting even while their attention is elsewhere. The ideal company can be scaled to such an extent that the owner need not be involved in the day-to-day operation.
  5. Success is a journey! Not a destination.
    You enjoy the journey. Success is not something that comes overnight nor is it a destination to be reached. The little achievements day by day, the obstacles overcome, are all part of being successful. Those who are always waiting for happiness to come after they reach a certain goal or measurable, often find themselves disappointed when the next obstacle arises. The key is finding joy in the small accomplishments, creative solutions, and helping others along the way.

  6. You aren't afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are bound to happen, they are part of the process. Innovators are by definition, failing many times over. We rarely hear about those because everyone would rather celebrate their successes. Success doesn't appear out of nowhere, but is the result of methodical experimentation.

  7. You know that there are any shortcuts. The magic bullet solution just doesn't exist. A real business will require hard work, great decision-making, time, and resources. If there was an easy solution everyone would do it, the market would saturate and it wouldn't work anymore!

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