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Shopify in 21 Days - Lesson 11: Creating Discounts

Creating Shopify Discount Codes

  • Discount Code. Here is where you'll enter the specific code you want to use for this promotion. This can then be shared in newsletters, social media, or directly on your website.
  • Types of Discounts. There are four types of discounts: Percentage, Fixed Amount, Free Shipping, and Buy X, Get Y.  Whatever you choose make sure that it works for your products and business model.
  • Value. Depending on what type you choose you'll now fill out the amounts or requirements for the particular coupon code.
  • Applying the Code. You'll also need to decide whether the code will apply only to specific categories, individual items, or entire orders. 
  • Limiting Usage. There are a couple ways to limit usage one is by setting an expiration date. The other is by limiting coupon codes used per customer and or the total number of valid coupons. For example, you could create a code that expires at the end of summer. At the same time you could limit the coupon code to one per customer and 500 total codes.

Actionable Steps

  1. Create your first test code. Design a hypothetical discount code and apply it to your cart to see how it works.
  2. Brainstorm ways that you can use discount codes in your promotional strategy.

Tomorrow's Lesson

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