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Shopify in 21 Days - Lesson 6: Admin and Legal Pages

Admin Settings

  • Account Overview. All of the admin settings for your store are found in the account section. The first section is an account overview with all the pertinent info about your store. Here is were you would be able to upgrade your plan as well.
  • Accounts and Permissions. This section is an important one, if you plan on having employees and freelancers help you with your store. By entering their name and email you can grant them full or partial ability to edit your Shopify store.
  • Store Status. Here you can change the status of your store. If you are going on vacation and won't be able to fulfill orders, you can pause your store. This disables anyone from being able to make a purchase on your site. You can also close your store from here or hire a Shopify expert to make your store more effective.

Actionable Steps

  1. Become familiar with the account settings and how they work.
  2. Grant permissions to any staff that may need to work on the store in the future (if applicable).

Disclosures and Policies

  • Refund, Privacy, and Terms of Service. Creating all these policies may seem daunting especially if you aren't familiar with legal writing. Fortunately, Shopify provides you with templates that will provide the legal language you need while allowing you to edit the policies to your liking.
  • Shipping Policy. There is no template for Shipping Policy, you'll have to create one from scratch or find templates online.

Actionable Steps

  1. Create and edit templates for your Refund, Privacy, and Terms of Service. Review them carefully to make sure they match the way you wish to conduct your business.
  2. Review what is typically included in a Shipping Policy. Create one from scratch or use a template and edit to match your business model.

Tomorrow's Lesson

Creating Digital and Physical Product Pages.

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