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Shopify in 21 Days - Lesson 7: Creating Product Pages

Physical Products

  • Title, Description, and Image. Each product you add will need an optimized title and description. It is important to use the keywords that users will most likely be searching for when looking for your product. A great image is also important especially if you are selling used or vintage items. For new items your wholesale supplier should allow the use of their product photos.
  • Price, Comparison Price, Cost Per Item. You'll also need to add your price and if you'd like you can also set a comparison price. I would avoid that as most consumers don't put much stock into that anymore. Here you can also add a Cost Per Item, this is important as it is the basis for many tax calculations. The Cost Per Item is the amount it cost for you to acquire each item wholesale. For example, if you bought 100 units for $6300 that would be Cost Per Item of $63.
  • Inventory, SKUs, and UPC Codes. Depending on what sort of inventory system you have you can add your own SKU or use a UPC code. You can enter one or both for each product. Then you would enter the amount of items available and whether or not you'll allow customers to make purchases when you are out of stock.
  • Shipping. Here is where you'll add the weight of the product, where it ships from and the fulfillment method.

Actionable Steps

  1. Add your physical products to your store. If your not sure what products you'll be selling yet, you can add some fake products just to test out the process. Later we will go over designing your store and adding categories and sub-categories of products.

Digital Products

  • Creating a Digital Product Page. Creating a digital product is fairly similar to creating a physical one on Shopify. The main differences being that there will be no need to track inventory, enter any shipping info, or a cost per item.
  • Uploading the Digital File. To allow your customers to automatically have access to their Digital Product you'll need to install an app. Once the Digital Downloads app is installed, you can back to the product page and click the "More Actions" drop down menu. From there click "Add Digital Attachment." Once uploaded your file will be able to be downloaded once a customer purchases it. You can use zip files for any large packages which may contain more than one file.

Actionable Steps

  1. Add your Digital Products to your store. If you plan on selling digital products you can add them to your store now. Remember to create compelling and keyword rich descriptions and titles.

Tomorrow's Lesson

Importing Drop-ship Products with Oberlo

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