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Shopify in 21 Days - Lesson 8: Importing Products with Oberlo

Importing Products from Oberlo

  • Searching for Products. You can search by keyword, browse by categories and sub-categories, or sort by best selling.
  • Filtering Results. Once you have done a basic search you may need to pare it down a bit. You can filter by number of items sold, sale price, or country. If searching clothing items, you can also filter by style, gender, and more.
  • Creating an Import List. To add a product to the import list simply click and to import list. You can also use this as a way to bookmark items you wish to come back to later. Once an item is in you import list you can edit it's description, images and other details before importing. This process will be in the video below.

Actionable Steps

  1. Sign up for the Oberlo App and browse through some of the products. Oberlo is free to try for up to 50 imported products. Oberlo automatically handles the fulfillment of your orders, so all you have to worry about is marketing.

Editing Oberlo Products

  • Title, Description, and Collections. Oberlo products have default titles and descriptions but most likely you'll want to change these to something more user friendly. Points to are include are what makes the product unique, what value the product has, and the story behind the product. The products can also be assigned to a collection, or category, these categories must first be created in your Shopify store. Alternately, you can set up automated collections based on tags and edit tags from the import list.
  • Variants and Images. It is also a good idea to edit the variants and pictures. Some pics may not be suitable for your theme or may be redundant. You also want to check variants for country of origin as this can affect shipping.
  • Pricing and Shipping. On the product page you'll see the product wholesale price plus the shipping. You can edit the price in two ways, manually or by using a multiplier. It is important to remember that shipping isn't imported by Oberlo so you have to set up manual shipping rates or list items with free shipping.

Actionable Steps

  • If you plan on dropshipping, take the time to add some products from the Oberlo App to your store.

Tomorrow's Lesson

Editing your theme and designing your store

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